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Arthur Prelle What to Do with your Vacation PhotosBetween digital cameras and smartphones, tourists snap countless photos as they visit new foreign lands, whether they’re only one state away or entire continents away. It’s instinctual for us to take snapshots to remember the architecture, food, and people we’re traveling with, especially for us to share on social media platforms. However, once you’re home, you now have to sift through thousands of photos, pick the best ones, and then do what with them? Here are some ways your can commemorate your trip in a way more meaningful than a thumb drive full of of jpegs.

Print a Scrapbook: as old fashioned as it may sound, printing a scrapbook may be one of the best ways for you to make sure you have all your photos in one place, organized how you want it, and safe from the perils of technology failures or hacks. You can load up your thumb drive and take a trip to your local CVS, or you can use one an app to create one directly on  your phone.

Update your Social Media On the Go: Rather than hoard all your photos and then spending a whole week editing, deleting, and organizing files, you can post the best one as you go on a social media account like Twitter or Instagram. Some people even create brand new profiles so that their followers aren’t inundated with wanderlust photos. Regardless, posting on the go will force you to take and choose only a few photos at a time, edit them, and continue to stay in the moment once they’ve gone live. Upon your return home, you can reference the account to show off photos from your travels.

Make a video: You may want to get everything boiled down into a sizzle reel if you have both photos and videos. For friends far away who are still invested in how your trip went, you can fire off a 90-second video that gets at the highlights, includes some text, and packs a big punch. You can even post the video to Youtube or Vimeo so that others who are curious about traveling to the same destination can do some research before they take off.

Turn the Best Ones into Greeting Cards: The same way that young families send out family photos around Christmas time, you can turn your favorite images of landmarks, foods, or landscapes into postcards, holiday greeting cards, or birthday cards. That way, your photos can do double-duty by showing off your explorations and wishing someone well.