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1 Arthur Prelle Things to Do on a Rainy DayAs far in advance as most people have to plan their family vacations, from getting work tasks in order to booking transportation to finding pet sitters, it’s hard to predict how the weather will behave when you finally arrive. If your long-planned trip gets rained out, don’t lose hope — you can still have a great time. Here’s some ideas. 

Visit a Museum | Wherever you’re visiting, you can use rainy days to learn about the art and history of your vacation destination. Depending on where you are, you can browse through historic artifacts, discover kinetic physics at a science center, or gaze at artwork by local craftspeople. Why not take the opportunity to learn a little in your time off?

Go Shopping | Usually your purse strings aren’t so tight while you’re out on vacation, so take advantage of your relaxed spending habits by splurging at the local malls, independent shops, or even big box stores. Treat yourself on a rainy day to new clothes, shoes, or other items that you wouldn’t normally buy when you’re not in full vacation mode.

Read a Book | As I’ve already written about, it can be hard to find time to read during your day-to-day routine. However, if you’re stuck indoors during a rainy day anyhow, may as well plough through a book you’ve been putting off for a while. Snuggle up with a cup of tea, listen to the soothing rain, and let your mind wander as you devote your attention to the written word. You may even run to a local bookstore or library to check out a guilty pleasure like a romance novel or a cheesy mystery.

Find a movie theater or play | You may not make it to a movie theater as a part of your usual daily life, but take a few hours to indulge in a movie you would otherwise wait to see on DVD. This summer, for example, Wonder Woman is taking the world by storm. Get in on the conversation and watch the film if your plans for a day outdoors get rained out.

Drive to better weather | The size of the storm may be much smaller than you’re thinking. A one-hour drive could transport you to sunny skies and a warm breeze. Check the local maps and weather predictions for surrounding towns and take a day trip within your vacation to see someplace you may not have otherwise explored.

Go outside anyway | I wrote about camping and hiking in cold weather, but if you enjoy nature walks and hikes, don’t let the rain take all the fun out of it! Break out your raincoats and waterproof boots and see what the local flora and fauna look like during a drizzle. As long as you’re careful and bring plenty of water and snacks, you can still enjoy nature, even if you get a little wet.