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Even if you really love reading and have never ever gotten a library fine, it can be difficult to find enough time in your day to put a dent in your reading list. Studies indicate that Americans are so focused on productivity that we have come to praise being overworked, left with no time for the simpler, less-technological joys like reading. Below are some ideas to ensuring that you can get your nose in a book a little more frequently.

Set aside time on your calendar. Sometimes, the main thing you need to make sure you read is a reminder. With all that the internet has to offer, you can easily waste away hours without even realizing it. Set yourself a daily reminder on your outlook calendar or phone so that you get regular reminders to spend your free time reading instead of scrolling.

Always have something to read on you. You never know when you’ll be able to steal a few free minutes to sneak in a couple of pages. Whether it’s an old-fashioned bound book, an e-reader, or an app on your phone, never be without something to read. You could squeeze in a few pages while waiting to fill a prescription or while you’re specialty coffee is being artfully assembled. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even the Kobo make it easy to sync your reading progress on all your devices, so no matter what, you can pick up where you left off.

Set goals. For many people, part of the issue is that there’s no apparent urgency to reading, so it falls to the very bottom of the to-do list, if it even makes it there at all. Setting monthly, weekly, perhaps even daily goals for yourself may help motivate you to read more often. Websites like goodreads will help you set a goal and stick to it. Some people break down their goals in terms of pages, and others by time spent with their noses in text. Either way, requiring yourself to fill a quota will help you reach it.

Turn off your devices before bed. It’s already been thoroughly demonstrated that staring at backlit screens before you go to bed can reduce the length and quality of your shut-eye, so instead of listlessly scrolling through your phone until you pass out, use the last half-hour before you fall asleep to read a little bit. It’ll be easier on your eyes and allow your mind to relax before you get your seven hours.