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Don’t Overpack

The fact of the matter is you don’t need to go crazy. Bring just the essentials and follow these tips to avoid bringing too much.

Make More Time to Read

Even if you really love reading and have never ever gotten a library fine, it can be difficult to find enough time in your day to put a dent in your reading list.

Haendel and Easter

This Easter I listen to George Frideric Haendel’s “Messiah” which was written as an offering for Easter, though people typically listen to it at the Christmas season.

Language and Cognition in Japan

Much of what we Americans appreciate about Eastern cultures, Japanese in particular, has to do with “zen” philosophies and a sense of place and peace that the US has long since lost. World-famous organizer-turned-author Marie Kondo has won international acclaim for...

Travelling in a Developing Nation

You’ll grow immensely in experience and personal knowledge when you travel to a developing nation, but you need to be prepared for the vast differences between the life of luxury you enjoy the US and the humble lifestyles of those who live in developing nations.

Fort Washington

Most people have been to the monuments and museums in Washington, D.C. Some people even go off the beaten path to places like DuPont Circle or the National Cathedral for the majestic architecture. Recently Arthur Prelle visited Fort Washington, a little know...

Grocery Storage Around the World

If you were born and raised in the United States, you’re used to going into the refrigerated section of the grocery store to find your eggs, and you purchase your milk in a plastic jug or carton. Upon leaving the US, though, you’ll quickly realize that we’re kind of an anomaly.