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2017-08-17Acing the Business Trip

While travelling for fun is what makes life worth living, not every expedition can be for pleasure. That said, business travel is still a break from the monotony of a normal work day, and can even be enjoyable if you know the best ways to make a trip hassle-free. Even if you routinely travel on behalf of your place of employment, here are some tips to make the most of your business trips.

Keep comfort in mind.

If you can nap on the plane, it can keep you recharged for your destination while killing flight time. That said, be wary of the linens that airlines provide. Many pillows and blankets go unwashed for long periods of time, and bringing your own is generally more comfortable. If you have trouble sleeping, consider bringing a sleeping mask to block out external distractions.

Pack intelligently.

As you likely won’t be at your destination for a particularly long time in most cases, limit yourself to a carry on bag and save yourself the time it takes to collect luggage. Lost baggage can be common and often problematic if you’re lacking essentials. Even if you have to pack a bit more, bring a carry on with essentials such as toiletries and electronics chargers so that you’re prepared even in a worst case scenario.

Stay healthy.

It may seem like an odd concern, but it’s difficult to do your job if you’re tired or sick. Force yourself to adopt a regular sleep schedule and limit the amount of alcohol you consume, on the plane or otherwise. Go for a jog around the area, or see if the hotel has an exercise room. It’ll keep you energetic and improve your mental capabilities.

Establish peace of mind.

Before you even depart, think about the tasks you’ll need completed while you’re away and recruit friends and family to assist. Even if you’re traveling for business, your trip should be stress-free. Create a schedule for watering plants or caring for pets, and hire help should you need it.


There’s no reason why you can’t find time to go on a jaunt around whatever city you find yourself in. View it as an opportunity to see new places. Avoid social media and go do something outside of your comfort zone; many cities have a plethora of activities that you can participate in after a little research. You have limited time, so if you get the chance between meetings, take advantage of your  environment!